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Spaceman, Super-Steve, and a guy named Ed [entries|friends|calendar]

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[15 Jul 2002|02:26am]
i was thinking about autumn all day long.

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[03 Jul 2002|10:22pm]
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[02 Jul 2002|12:27pm]
okay local folkels, our very own CHIEF JOSEPH is playing the Imperial Loung this Thursday, July 4th, and you should come out.
they will rock you out of your shorts, they will rock a roman candle in between those fine buttocks of yours.

come on out!
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[01 Jul 2002|04:14pm]
Hi there kids. Sorry to have to do this, but a few BIG things have come up and we have been forced to change the date of our wedding (grr!) Just to give all of you a heads up, it has been bumped up to AUgust 17th. I know this may inconvenience some of you, and some of you may not be able to come visit at all, and I'm really sorry about that. Get in touch with us, though, so we know if there is any way we can help this change in dates go smoothly.

Chris and Jenna
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[22 Jun 2002|02:57am]
thanks to all you kids who made it out tonight. i hope everyone enjoyed themselves!
i had a wonderful time.
it's usually so stressful to be around a large group of people.
it's so comforting to be in a crowd and to realize that everyone in the room is someone i am comfortable around, someone i really care about.
thanks to all of you for being who you are.
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it's on like donkey kong [20 Jun 2002|05:07pm]
i got another copy of Troll II in the mail today, so it's still on for this weekend.
i just accidentally knocked over a cup of kool-aid. it poured out and the puddle made for the edge of the desk, headed straight toward the keyboard (the keyboard was on the sliding part beneath it, so this would been bad. especially since we've already lost one keyboard that way already). somehow, i made some ridiculously graceful and quick maneuver and slid the keyboard back under the desk with my left hand while swiping up the cup and then a roll of paper towels and catching and containing the stream with my right hand.
it was one of the most fluid, precise, beautiful things i've ever done. i had total mastery of every part of my body.
really, you should have seen it.
and then you should have left immediately.

once i got everything under control, my whole body did one of those, "damn, that was smooth" gestures, in which every part of you, especially your hands/arms and head, kinda dips down a bit and bounces back up, like a body-sigh or some such, and my hand tipped over the glass.
the almost-half-glass of kool-aid that was left quickly jumped out. this time, in a different direction. it all poured directly onto my mouse, covering it, and once again i realized that i had returned to being my regular, dumb-as-dirt, clumsy-ass self. luckily, the mouse appears to be funtioning properly.

but man, i was a ninja for a good few seconds there.
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request for help [18 Jun 2002|12:41am]
does ANYONE in this whole world have a working copy of Troll II that i could buy or borrow? i ordered a copy from Great Britain, as it was the only dang copy i could find, and wanted to have it for this weekend's festivities.
well, it arrived today.
and there's nothing on the tape.

and i am a sad, sad boy.

please, PLEASE let me know if you have (or have access to) a copy of this movie. i will back you cookies and brush your hair. i'll give you money and soup and sammiches and i don't care what.
i just need this movie!!!
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[17 Jun 2002|09:09pm]
i saw this kid in the park recently. i was a bit obsessed with him. i had to sneak pictures when the two big scary guys who were watching the kid weren't paying attention. i think he's from somewhere else.

(i'm pointing up at the sky)
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[17 Jun 2002|09:02pm]
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[17 Jun 2002|09:02pm]
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[16 Jun 2002|10:31pm]
Just so all the local kids know, my friends Bill and Craig's band Chief Joseph are playing at Jackrabbits this upcoming Saturday night. you should all come out, because they rock.
and if Eric and Christy are in town that weekend, there will be festivities at our place after the show.
come on out!
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[15 Jun 2002|05:12pm]
i'm really excited about going to India Gate tonight. but i'm feeling so lazy, i'm having trouble making myself get off my ass and go shower. damn it all!
it's been a year or so since i've been there. i can't let myself just sit around all night being too lazy to leave the house.
time to motivate, i suppose.
for those of you locals who are coming out tonight, i'll see you soon.
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[14 Jun 2002|10:28am]
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[14 Jun 2002|01:24am]
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[14 Jun 2002|01:07am]
this is a photograph of Jenna from our adventure in St. Augustine with Mike and Alisha earlier this week.
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[13 Jun 2002|10:19am]
so i may have a new job through Randstad starting tomorrow. this one is working in the warehouse of some beauty supply store on the westside doing inventory and bookkeeping.

this is just getting a little confusing. when i first went in and tested with Randstad, why the heck did they pipe on about my test scores and pull the whole, "my, you can type fast! i can't believe how smart you are!" thing if they were only gonna be giving me these really mindless crackhead jobs?
my last job: take these boxes that are over here, put them over there. sometimes we'll need you to open the boxes and put files in them. you'll have to be able to read a 5-digit number, maybe even to put a few 5-digit numbers in order.

at least with these stupid jobs i can wear whatever i want. hopefully, with this new one, if i get it, i'll be able to bring a cd player and not have to talk to anyone else. if THAT'S the case, i won't have a damn thing to complain about.

plus, look on the bright side. i'll have access to all the beauty supplies i could ever need!
if i start tomorrow, maybe i'll celebrate this weekend with a beauty party! you're all welcome to join me. we'll crimp our hair, trade manicure horror stories and put cucumbers in our eyes.

no, bill, not like that.
you have to SLICE the cucumber first.
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[26 Apr 2002|06:13pm]
i'll be taking another very long break from here.
if i get over all this confusion, perhaps i'll come back one day.

for those of you here in town, you know how to find me. if i make myself scarce for a little while, just know it doesn't mean i don't love and miss you.
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[22 Apr 2002|08:36pm]
For those of you unfamiliar with what could possibly be the best thing that ever happened to Livejournal, I'd like you to meet my dear old friend Pee Paw.
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[15 Apr 2002|09:00pm]
of all the songs to dance around the house to, pretending you're on stage rockin' out (and, of course, you're the lead singer. oh, and the guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, string section, etc), The Divine Comedy's "Through a Long and Sleepless Night" is certainly my current favorite.
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[15 Apr 2002|08:22pm]

this is what "outside" has looked like all day.
it's pretty, but i'm somewhat afraid of it.
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